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Personal profile analysis and counselling
Career counselling for beginners

Personality development for Executives

Program overview

This program is designed for all who work at the executive level in any work environment. It aims at grooming an executive to be able to interact with his clients in an articulate and confident manner and project a polished image of himself and his organization. It covers communication skills, Grooming and etiquettes, the power of positivity, understanding the social norms and perceptions and team building skills. This course can easily be adjusted to incorporate your organization's specific expectations and needs. It is also well suited for individuals who need to step out in the hospitality industry at the executive level.

Program Objectives

At this program's conclusion, participants should be able to:

  • Listen to clients effectively.
  • Communicate confidently and convincingly to clients.
  • Demonstrate use of the telephone in a business environment: answer the phone, transfer a call, place a caller on hold, etc.
  • Understand the nuances of good grooming, bearing and demeanor.
  • Realize the power of etiquettes in a civilized society.
  • Understand the dynamics of self esteem and it’s implications on the power of conviction.
  • Develop an understanding of how to cope with negative feelings and stress.
  • Learn the importance of saying “NO”.
  • Understand the dynamics of negotiation and “How” and “Why” of convincing people.
  • Understand underlying gender and cross-cultural issues, affecting values, beliefs and behaviors in the cross-section of society.
  • Understand the impact of personality on team building.
  • Understand the power of chasing their dreams.
  • Learn to prioritize their work.
  • Course Outline

    Communicating Confidently:

    This course begins with a fun and fast-paced discussion on the basics of effective communication. Participants are involved in communication games to understand the problem areas in inter-personal communication. An awareness of the importance of body language in communication is generated with the help of audio-video aids. The participants also learn the art of conversing over the telephone.

    Well dressed and well behaved professional:

    Often, creating a positive visual impression is as important as effective verbal and listening skills.  In this unit, participants will play fashion critic, identifying appropriate and inappropriate work attire from a series of photographs.  This unique approach to learning helps participants understand the difference between simply meeting a dress code versus looking their best.  Emphasis is placed on appearing clean, well groomed, and appropriately dressed without spending a "ridiculous amount of money." This component also covers various aspects of good personal and professional etiquettes. The participants will also be demonstrated the basics of Dining and Bar etiquettes.

    Power of positivity:

    How one feels about himself/ herself is reflected in his behavior and body language. Therefore this component is viewed as the most important element of any personality development program. In this, the participants will understand the dynamics of developing a high self-esteem. They will be made aware of the power of conviction and it’s implication on personality.

    Learn to say “NO”:

    ‘Lot of problems in our lives is because of saying “yes” too early or saying “No” too late’. In this section, the participants will be trained to develop the power of conviction to say “NO” at the right time and for the right cause.

    Understanding social norms and perceptions:

    This program will help the participants to understand the value systems and beliefs across the cultures and genders. This understanding is important because the manifested behaviors are based on these values and beliefs. This understanding acts as the mirror for own behaviors. A set of interesting audio-visuals will keep the participants gainfully engrossed on the subject.

    Following the heart:

    Participants will be made to realize the power of living their dreams and ‘how’ and ‘why’ to prioritize their life. Greatest lessons in life are learnt from the dreams left unfulfilled.

    Leaders are also followers:

    ‘Either you lead, or you follow ……….. and if you cant do either, for God’s sake get out of the way’ !! The participants are taken through some field games to make them understand that while it’s important to lead, in certain circumstances, they also have to be lead. They will realize how personality impinges on this concept of “teamwork”.

    Upon completion of the training, participants will have an understanding of acceptable workplace dress, communication skills, social and professional etiquettes, negotiation and convincing skills, the importance and components of self-esteem, coping with negative feelings and stress. They will also understand the implications of personality on team building and the importance of discovering their calling.

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