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Customer Service Excellence Management

Turning GOOD Customer Service to GREAT.

Program Overview

There is no further need to bend over to please your clients! A well designed, professionally delivered and scientifically engineered program for client service management will enable you to deliver the best in customer service without compromising on your self esteem. Customer service with an attitude – required or not? The pareto rule? Is it important to know when to say NO?

A self introspective session revealing your inner fears about client service and more!! The program is aimed at front ending customer service professionals and can be customized to suit the needs of the different levels of management hierarchy.

A must attend for all those who are subjected to the undying pressure of customer queries, fears and fight and the lure of pressure, influence and greed.

Program Objective

Explain the link between client service and organization image.

Appreciate current levels of client engagement and the existing gaps.

Understand mapping of your personality traits vis-a-vis the customer types.

Communicate as per the mapping results.

Setting standards, establishing milestones and achieving results.

Turning complaints into business opportunities.

De-stress and de-toxify the frayed nerves for guaranteed better results.

Course Outline

Why customer service matters:

The fulfillment of personal and organizational needs is the starting block for all individuals. What level does your client take in this value chain is important to figure out your client service quotient. The importance of how you conduct yourself – personally and professionally reflects in your client engagement levels. Customers buy experiences leading to repeat business. In this light one needs to evaluate the lifetime value of a customer. The dangerous symptom of a silent customer needs urgent attention. These are some of the core issues that will be dealt with in the first session.

What’s different about good service?

The ability to engage in a “putting customer first” policy is what makes a difference. As a client service professional you need to appreciate the quality of your work and not just the quantity. This requires attention to detail and immediacy of reaction. Remember it is not GOOD service but GREAT service which will spell the difference. To achieve these one needs to start with taking responsibility with accountability.

People behave and communicate differently. Understanding their styles is important.

Different clients have different demands and express it ddifferently. At the same time different client service professionals have different behavioral and communication traits. It is important to map these essential parameters for properly anticipating customer actions and reactions.

Effective customer communications

The biggest challenge in customer satisfaction is to engage in a dynamic exchange of communication. NO – we did’nt say talk, read and write only. Active listening is most often the reason for communication failures. The next challenge lies in the power to say NO instead of a fumble here and a mumble there. E-mail is an important tool for communication in current times. Netiquettes hence form a quintessential part of client service communication skills.

Turning complaints into opportunities

Just like everything else it pays to have an effective complaint receipt and redressal management system. It is not to be viewed as a monster which haunts you but as a resource which will ensure that further opportunities are not elusive. It also helps in setting standards and procedures for dealing with oft repeated complaints as well as helps in reducing the numbers of angry customers.

Empowering great customer service

The usual refrain of searching for the sacrificial lamb needs to be done away with. It is not just the task of the client facing staff to ensure a great service organization work culture – it goes beyond. There is a chain of internal customers who contribute and at the same time demand a great customer service experience. When the internal customer chain weakens it needs to be strengthened. In short the corporate culture needs to reflect the intent of building a great customer service organization.

Setting benchmarks for measuring customer service

It is important to set benchmarks and to identify milestones before you start implementing a great customer service organization project. For this one needs to identify internal indicators, set standards, conduct surprise checks with the intent of rewarding excellent service contributors. Also it becomes essential to run an audit of your best and worst practice at this point of time. This also contributes immensely to the purpose of setting standards as well as to arrive at a personal action plan ready to be implemented once back at the work station.

Stress management

While all of this may seem as a fairy tale or childs play – the process of ensuring great customer satisfaction is very demanding. There have been known cases of burnouts and psychological breakdowns. In such a scenario it is but imperative to de-stress and calm down your frayed nerves. This last session attempts to address this malaise.

The program aims to deliver a holistic approach to customer service management and participants should aim to take away a proper ready to be implemented action plan at the end of this program.

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