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Microsoft Excel Advanced
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Microsoft Excel Workshop - Professional

Program Overview

This program is designed for all those who work at the executive level in any work environment. It aims at equipping an executive to be able to maintain and fully exploit available data enabling personal and professional excellence. It also covers some vital topics like various functions and validation techniques which help you speed up your data processing like never before. (If you are already a professional and wish for advanced MS Excel skills please look up the MS Excel Advanced program).

This course can easily be adjusted to incorporate your organization's specific expectations and needs. Last but not the least this program is your passport for claim to excellence at the workplace and is a must have for your resume.

Program objectives

At this program's conclusion, participants should be able to

Use date and time functions
Automating repetitive tasks
Text management in Excel
Using analytical formulas
Using validation techniques
Creating mail merge
Programming macros

Course Outline

Date and time functions:

This module begins with exploring the basic power of MS Excel as a calendar and a timepiece. It realizes basic programming application for date and time and its relevance to data management

Customizing MS Excel for your PC:

Automating the monotony of a mundane data management task has always been the need for most data operators not acquainted with Excel. Here participants would get hands on experience of automating repetitive tasks. They will experience in real time how the hit of a key can bring forth a required result.

Text Management in Excel:

This section deals in working with comments (Control text in cells and use them like numbers). It also informs about text manipulation in comments and conditional formatting for specific data.

Using analytical formulas in Excel:

You may not need the calculator hereon… this module will enable you to perform mathematical, statistical and financial functions using the power of MS Excel. You will also learn functions to manage text – text control formulas and lookup functions.

Labels and names:

It is always good to have a name. In this module participants would learn all about creating labels and creating names using the name box to start calling cells by names rather than by numbers. You will create a list of names and change the range for names. You will also learn how to delete names. Hereon you will make MS excel work for you.

Validation techniques:

Data validation has always been an integral part of data management. This session takes the participants through the various validation techniques for MS Excel. It explores data validation by number range and also delves into error alerts!

Mail Merge:

E mail reduced the redundancy associated with manual mailing. However with the power of E mail beginning to be exploited, professionals have been at their wits end trying to figure out easier ways to accomplish bulk mailing. The mail merge function does just that. In this session participants would be introduced to the concepts of mail merge and would experience live how the job can be achieved with perfect results at a few clicks of the button. They will also learn merging of other file in Excel and saving excel as a .CSV file.

Macro programming:

This is the most glamorous part of any Excel program and deals with magic like performances using the unprecedented powers of MS Excel. Participants would be exposed to the concept of macros and would also learn to record and run a simple macro

Upon completion of the training, participants will have an understanding of all of the above powers of MS Excel and would have implemented quite a few of the learning’s in real time. With a bit of practice and sustained implementation they would be ready for the next stage of training for Microsoft Excel Advanced after which they would become Excel power users.

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